Prefix  84800

How It Works

If you already have a number for the company you want to call (for example shown on your bill or statement) – simply call 84800 from your mobile and enter the number when prompted.

If you do not have a number for the company, it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives in our Business Directory – simply use our search facility to find it! All you need to do is select a category, for example banks, and scroll down to find the company you need!

If on the odd occasion we are unable to connect you more cheaply, we will tell you straight away and advise where you could find an alternative number that we can connect you to.
Please note that some companies do promote very expensive customer service numbers which we are unfortunately unable to connect to. These include numbers starting 0843, 0844, 0871 and 09.

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Pay no more than 10ppm when calling UK companies from your mobile*

  1. Dial 84800
  2. When requested enter the number you wish to dial
  3. Your call will be connected

If you need to search? click here to go to the call uk businesses page