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Why 84800?

Some business numbers for example 0800 and 0500 are free to call from a BT landline and then again 01. 02 or 03 numbers can cost 35ppm from a Pay as You Go phone. So what happens if you don’t have a BT landline at home or are out and about and need to call a company from any mobile?

If you are a pay monthly mobile customer, do you know if any business numbers are included in your monthly bundle?

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, do you know how much it costs you to call the many types of business numbers from your mobile?

By using this new mobile only service and calling the company you need using the 84800, you’ll have peace of mind that the call will cost you no more than 10p per minute. When comparing how much it could cost you if you call a business number directly from your mobile, you could save up to 70% by using 84800!

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The UK Government’s Regulators (click here and see part J page 23 to read more) and the EU are working together to make the cost of calling business numbers clearer from sometime next summer, which is great news, but makemobilecalls4less will help you save money from now. Just save 84800 in your mobile phone directory.

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Pay no more than 10ppm when calling UK companies from your mobile*

  1. Dial 84800
  2. When requested enter the number you wish to dial
  3. Your call will be connected

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